Gőzling is a pub-sport which was invented in 2009 at the Gőz winebar in Csepel, Budapest. The rules and the process of the game were primarily inspired by tennis and curling.
The game has been played and been evolving on a specific type wooden table at Gőz, but to experice the gameplay, any flat, (preferably) wooden surface could do.

Each player plays with a 4 piece set of 5Ft coins, one marked one unmarked.
The target coin is a 10Ft coin placed in the middle of the table. Each player has to slide its 5Ft coins one by one towards the target coin, being the main goal to finish closer to it than your opponent.

General rules and info


  • The game is played by 1vs1 players.
  • The players should start their slides from behind the “line”.
  • To win the game you need to win 3 sets, one set consists 7 rounds.
  • Each set starts with a “slide-off”. The winner decides who starts the set.
  • The winner of each round get points.


Point system:

  • If one of your coins – but not all of them – are closer to the target coin : 1 point

    1 point.

  • If your winning coin touches or reaches the target coin within a gap of a matchstick : 2 points.

2 points

  • If your winning coin flips onto the target coin, but leaning down: 3 points.

3 points

  • If your winning coin flips onto the target coin : 4 points.

4 points


  • If your winning coin flips onto the target coin, positioned entirely within the confines : 5 points.

5 points


  • If all of your 4 coins are closer to the target coin than any of your opponents, we talk about “Katika”. In this case you automatically win the set.


  • In the event of a draw after 7 rounds comes the tie-break. The players have to win by 2 points or Katika. No multiple scores apply.



Typical slide-off

1 point with match

2 points

2 points